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July 16 - July 23, 2010

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Annie E. Casey Foundation

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Hour One

Oscar Grant Killing

John Burris, the Oscar Grant family attorney, talks about his $25 million wrongful death lawsuit against BART.

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Exclusive -- BART Police Chief

In an exclusive interview, BART police chief Kenton Rainey reacts to one of his own being found guilty in the killing of Oscar Grant.

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How to Save the World

Loews Hotels CEO Jonathan Tisch says it's time for individuals to step up and save the world and he’s got tips on how to do it.

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Sports with George Johnson

Sports commentator George Johnson says goodbye to Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and weighs in on the Jesse Jackson vs Dan Gilbert controversy.

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Mancini's New Music

Songstress Monica Mancini, daughter of legendary composer Henry Mancini, shares her new CD I've Loved These Days.

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Hour Two

Slavery in the NBA

Rev. Jesse Jackson expands on his comparisons between Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert and a slave master. Plus he reacts to the verdict in the killing of Oscar Grant.

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Go Green

Matt Petersen of Global Green has tips and tricks to make our world a bit more environmentally-friendly.

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Child Philanthropist

11-year-old South Carolina gardener Katie Stagliano, who went from one 40 pound cabbage to six different gardens in her mission to feed homeless people, tells us she's offering a grant to help other children to do the same.

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Sax Man on a Mission

Fusion saxophonist Eric Darius explains why he's On a Mission.

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Remembering Walter Hawkins

Tavis says goodbye to legendary gospel artist Walter Hawkins who passed away this week at the age of 61.

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