Bill Banfield – “Essays of Note”


Bill Banfield

Arts and culture correspondent Bill Banfield examines the musical breadth and depth of legendary producer and composer Quincy Jones.



  1. Dr. Banfield,
    My husband & I truly enjoyed each musical journey you took us on during your broadcasts! Astounding! Your wealth of knowledge & expertise is so needful in today’s world of mass-produced synthetic music! Our children are losing out on such a rich heritage of music and unfortunately there just aren’t enough “Bill Banfield’s” to go around. Your gift for teaching and brining these “Essays of Note,” is the perfect format for your radio audiences to “catch the vision and/or glimpse” into the world of contemporary artists in the field of music! You are to be commended for all of the hard work you’ve devoted! It is easy to see that you are passionate about your work! The short format you present each Essay provides your audience with “Golden Nuggets” of information! This will encourage them to come back for more! “One scoop of ice cream is great, but I’ll come back next time if I know I can get MORE ice cream & on top of that, a new and more delicious flavor I’ve never had before!!

    Kudos Dr.Banfield, and our congratulations to The Tavis Smiley program for enlisting such a talented and well-rounded professional with such vast knowledge! We will be listening for future broadcasts!

    Rev. and Mrs. Michael (Beverly) Sullivan

    • Dear you all!!!
      This is soooooooo sweet.
      I am just seeing this.
      I soooo appreciate your listening, and your generous love and comments.
      With great listeners like you, we will continue to work hard to, bring you the best !

      Our Love
      Bill B, known too as, GS

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