Bradley Blakeman & Karen Finney – Romney’s 47 Percent Backlash


Karen Finney

Bradley Blakeman

The political fallout continues after Mitt Romney’s remarks that he doesn’t care about 47 percent of voters who are “dependent” on government. Will his comments energize the GOP base or the Democratic base? Democratic strategist Karen Finney and Republican strategist Bradley Blakeman offer their insights.



  1. Sheesh! I felt like I was listening to a third grade playground bully. Bradley Blakeman must be truly frightened for Romney’s chances to explain his acting in such a desperate and oppressive way.

  2. I think that being “intellectually dishonest” (what a nice way of saying “lying”) is normal for many conservatives. If Mr. Blakeman wasn’t being dishonest, he must be delusional or, at minimum, “out of touch” with the world outside GOPdom. Romney’s approach of doubling-down (read “lying forcefully”) to avoid going on the defensive is painfully obvious.

  3. This registered Independent knows our economy was driven into despair under the GOP administration. It crumbled in part because of a lack of consensus, lame congress, policies carried over from the Bush Administration, a breach between the american people anf its government. Dismissing U.S. Citizens should be considered an act of treason. Romney’s intrusive government speech is falls flat. We are not OK with our government codfling and nourishing big budiness on our backs or at our expense.

  4. THANK YOU for cleaning up Zna’s typos. I find it most difficult to post via Android. I keep fat thumbing the wrong keys. Bush’s Administration, Coddling, speech falls flat. That segment left e seething. Thanks again for editing. Zna

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