George Johnson – 3-Minute Sports Drill


George Johnson

Sports commentator George Johnson is here to update us on the world of sports with his 3-minute sports drill.


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  1. George,

    I love listening to you and Tavis and I caught your discussion on the troubled graduation rates for African American D1 athletes. I am a coach, teacher and youth advocate in a very troubled urban district (Rochester NY).

    I do not have the audience nor resources to start this discussion but I know you gentlemen do. I think you need to turn the argument and discussion away from the schools and towards the “professional” leagues and the moral responsibility they have to our country- in that they need academic standards. If each professional league in our country had academic requirements / degrees! (even if just an associates) then real change would happen!

    I am sure you have thought of this before and I know you have connected the dots but this is the real issue. Everyone would benefit from this change.

    Our country needs to check itself big time.

    Thank you for your time and I hope you push this argument because this would have the greatest impact on our youth more than what we have currently in place.
    Take care

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