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The Medicalization of Race

Dr. Michael J. Montoya
Dr. Esteban González Burchard
Dr. Yolanda T. Moses
Dr. Pragna Patel

The Medicalization of Race

The Human Genome Project concluded that 99.9% of the human genome is identical, irrespective of race. In this special edition of The Tavis Smiley Show we'll challenge the traditional notions of race, their impact on culture and community as well as the implications and importance of biomedical research moving forward. It's a special roundtable discussion with physicians and researchers on The Medicalization of Race.

For this conversation Tavis was joined by four leaders in diverse fields of medicine, anthropology, biology and even biopharmaceutical sciences. Dr. Michael J. Montoya of UC Irvine, Dr. Esteban González Burchard of UC San Francisco, Dr. Yolanda T. Moses, of UC Riverside and Dr. Pragna Patel, of USC.

The Medicalization of Race: Segment One

Dr. Moses gives us her thoughts on what are "race categories" and why in her estimation, they're not real.

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The Medicalization of Race: Segment Two

We continue our discussion with Dr. Moses on the relevance of "race categories".

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The Medicalization of Race: Segment Three

In this final segment, with the help of our four esteemed panelists, we advance the discussion of the intersection of race and medicine in the context of biomedical research.

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The Medicalization of Race: Web Extra Q & A

After the discussion, audience members ask their own questions of the panel. Listen here for a web exclusive of the question and answer session.

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