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  1. Has Obama met the promises you laid out in your Book “Accountable?” Where has he kept his promises and where has has he not kept them? Thanks.

  2. I listened to the second part of your interview with Senators Booker and Scott recently and wanted to give feedback on the depth and breadth of your questions. I was particularly interested in light of the upcoming State of the Union address and the results of the midterm elections that resulted in a Republican majority Senate and House.

    At one point, you and Senator Scott discussed the economy and the Republican proposals to get our economy moving and more people back to work. Mr. Scott then spent several minutes describing what can only be described as their tried and true platform of trickle down, supply side economics – yet again. I heard all of the same old standby platitudes about stifling regulations, the benefits of re-patriot zing of money being hidden away in tax shelters and how this alone would generate untold jobs and of course the grand papa of them all, how the job killing Affordable Care Act needs to be modified or eliminated. I listened until 2 minutes before the program ending, sitting in a parking lot to make sure I didn’t miss anything

    At no time did I here you challenge him on why this plan of action has not worked yet in more than 30 years. I was in college when trickle down was first introduced by their prophet, Ronald Reagan and the middle class has done nothing but shrink since. I have yet to feel a drop from his trickle down, voodoo economic plan. Why aren’t more journalists and pundits challenging them on a policy that has failed to ‘raise all boats’ as they claim it would in nearly 35 years? Why are more than half of all public school students in this country living in poverty? Why didn’t our job creators create any jobs the last time they were given a tax holiday?

    Mr. Scott also spent a lot of time discussing our penal system and how much of a drain it has been on our country, economy and particularly our African American men. The elephant in the room however that was never mentioned was the advent of private prisons that are actually paid more to keep our prisons full, At no time did you mention private prisons or the stupidity of paying a corporation by the head instead of by the rate of rehabilitation, Everyone knows that if you pay for prison beds to be filled, the corporations will then do everything possible, within and outside of the law to do just that. Keep those prison beds full. And since African American men are the least likely to have adequate representation and are more at risk of being arrested due to profiling, they now outnumber African American men in college and stand a 1 in 3 chance of being arrested.

    Why did you let him off the hook so well? In my opinion, our public servants have long abandoned the people they are supposed to serve and are in fact doing way better than the people they are serving. The servants are now king and the served are now peasants. On the other side, our journalists that are supposed to keep them honest by asking the tough questions and keeping them on task spend most of their time treating them like celebrities and of course giving us a daily diet of actual celebrity gossip. IN other words, much more time is spent covering what Kim and Kanye are doing and how inappropriate our public servants are instead of making them answer the questions that keep their constituents informed.

    I was so disappointed but wanted to check in to make sure that I didn’t miss something; I only listened to part 2 so maybe the tough questions were in the part I missed. I am a long time listener and supporter.

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