Ari Berman – Voter ID Laws


Ari Berman

Voter ID laws have become a political flashpoint in what’s gearing up to be another close election year. The political correspondent for “The Nation” and author of “Herding Donkeys”, Ari Berman, discusses some of the laws enacted and how they may impact this year’s presidential race.



  1. Tavis,
    Are there no restrictions on who is able to vote? According to your speaker, we shouldn’t have people prove they are citizens of the US before they are eligible to vote.

    Without proving who I am, we could replicate the Mayor Daley’s Chicago of “Vote Early and Vote Often”. What is to keep people from going from precinct to precinct voting or other types of voter fraud.

    Since there are groups not able to get to places to get identification, it would seem more proactive to motivate the community to help get people registered rather than complain that some people can’t get an identification. Rally the troops!!


    • I agree with Rita. With the benefit of hindsight I might say instead of “are there no restrictions on voting” “are there no requirements to voting?” Get out the vote!

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